Friends, Romans, wiki-dwellers, you’ve leant me your ears…and together we’ve accomplished discussing a plethora of topics relating to being a woman online. Thus far, we’ve explored how the Dickwolves controversy, revenge porn, and Gamergate have impacted women in the online ecosystem, and contributed to the overall “trolling” mood that has permeated the Internet since its conception.

Yet, through these three posts, we have not even begin to discuss the long-term effects of trolling on women in the media industry. Nor have we discussed efforts like Trollbusters, or companies of the same ilk trying to actively stop violent acts against women online.

Audience—I’m calling upon you to play your part. Through these efforts, let’s gather more information about specific and cited examples of the detrimental impact of trolling on women. Have you yourself gone through an experience? A friend? A boss? A colleague? Perhaps we, together, can shed light on these separate instances and culminate our experience for the greater good of women Internet users and content creators. Perhaps through these stories we can cultivate a higher awareness where institutions like law enforcement have simply not progressed. Edit

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