This XOJane article written in response to the Dickwolves controversy, and examining the impact of online rape culture at large.    Edit

“The Word ‘Troll’ feels too childish. This is abuse.” Anita Sarkeesian’s experience of violent behavior is outlined in an engaging and informational in this Guardian article .    Edit

This Guardian piece written by Jill Filipovic in response to her personal experience of revenge porn. The piece outlines the legal and emotional ramifications of this type of pornography and the active steps host websites to minimize the visibility of revenge porn sites. (Clearly, the Guardian is doing some amazing coverage of violence against women online…you go Guardian!)    Edit

If you want to be an advocate of women or minorities online or in life, be sure to reference MisRepresentation’s coverage of women in the media. Specifically, this post .    Edit

To better outline and define online rape-culture, check out this Rant Political piece citing specific and problematic media behaviors that are detrimental to women.   Edit

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